Ultra Fine Screens

Ultra-fine screens for new applications

Our development of extremely fine screens for the separation of very fine particles permits new wastewater treatment applications for screens. Reliable separation of hair and fibrous material is necessary for efficient performance of membrane bioreactors.

Another application for ultra-fine screens is river and sea outfalls. Reduction of the COD/BOD loads from such outfalls is becoming more and more important for the protection of the receiving water bodies.

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These ultra-fine screens are able to remove undegradable and degradable, inorganic and organic material at the same time. Improved environmental protection is achieved by application of this new technology at reasonable costs.

Chemical precipitation, coagulation and/or flocculation can be added for further improvement of the screening efficiency. Addition of such chemicals converts dissolved substance and colloidal particles into separable aggregates that can be removed. Suspended solids can be reduced by up to 95%, COD/BOD by up to 65% and phosphorus by up to 60%.

For many regions with insufficient wastewater treatment, if any at all, ultra-fine screening is a quick and affordable first step in the right direction.



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All ROTAMAT® Machines offer outstanding advantages

  • The rotating operation principle reduces wear to a minimum.
  • Integrated screenings press, no odour annoyance, low disposal costs
  • Optional integrated screenings washing reduces disposal costs.
  • Installation directly into the channel without a step in the channel bottom possible.
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Insensitive to grit, gravel, stones
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Minimum maintenance as the screens do not have reciprocating parts or reversal points
  • High separation efficiency through flow diversion
  • Low hydraulic resistance through the big free passage area
  • Self-cleaning machine and screen basket