Impulses for the growth industry of the 21st century: CECEP China visits HUBER SE together with Umweltcluster Bayern

As part of its membership in the Bavarian Environmental Technology Cluster, HUBER in the person of Chief Sales Officer Rainer Köhler recently received the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP) from Beijing at the company's headquarters in Berching.

The delegation with CEO Rainer Köhler (4th from left) and Raphael Baier (3rd from right) in front of the HUBER Forum.

Rainer Köhler is presented with a paper fan as a gift.

CECEP is a state-owned company that has focused its investment portfolio on promoting technologies and projects for energy conservation and environmental protection. The visit to HUBER marked an important opportunity for knowledge exchange and the promotion of international partnerships in the field of environmental protection and sustainability. The visit aimed to share knowledge and technologies to jointly contribute to addressing global environmental impacts.

Visit of CECEP and Umweltcluster Bayern to HUBER

Umweltcluster Bayern (Bavarian Environmental Technology Cluster) is the network of the Bavarian environmental industry and HUBER, as a founding member, has been very involved for many years. In close cooperation with politics, research, science and business, the work of the Environmental Cluster focuses on transfer, education and strengthening cooperation. The aims of the networking are to strengthen and expand the Bavarian economy both nationally and internationally.

During the CECEP visit, HUBER presented its latest developments in the field of water and wastewater treatment technologies, including innovative solutions for sustainable resource use. Both parties shared their experiences and strategies to promote environmental protection and sustainability, with a focus on discussions about potential joint projects that could help solve global environmental problems.

International cooperation, knowledge exchange and impulses

The visit of CECEP and Umweltcluster Bayern to HUBER underlines the importance of international cooperation in the growth industry of the 21st century. The exchange offers the opportunity to develop and implement pioneering solutions for environmental protection and sustainability that will have a positive impact worldwide. Through the exchange of knowledge and technologies, all participants can contribute to addressing the most pressing global environmental problems and provide impetus for the growth industry.